Local councillors

It’s not rocket science!
What people want from their local councillors is exactly that –  working together with local people to address the local problems we face; listening to the issues people are raising – whether its about dumped rubbish, street cleaning, parking, empty buildings when people are sleeping rough or better play facilities for all our young people – and then trying to solve them together.

After all we all live here, love here and want to see it thrive.

But don’t take my word for it; that’s what people have been telling our Labour teams across the district. We’ve been out talking to people, knocking on doors and asking them about the change they want to see. It should be simple, but people have told us we’re the first people they’ve seen on their doorstep ever; the first to actually bother to come and listen to them or that they don’t get involved because they don’t understand politics and feel totally disillusioned. That could get you down when you think about all the ways people have been let down and left behind. But it doesn’t have to be like that. People should also be inspired by their local councillors and feel hope that we can solve the unfairness in our community if we work together to do it. People have brilliant ideas – they just need to be supported to put them into action. And they need a local council and a government that will back them up with action, not empty words.
Apparently optimists live longer than pessimists so I’m definitely an optimist! I’ve got the hope bug and know that we can do so much more united than divided or on our own. By working together in our local communities we can change things for the better  – for everyone.
Laura Davison


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