Vulnerable people & vaccination problems….

It is almost beyond comprehension just how long it has taken to roll out the vaccine – and how so many people have been left wondering when and where they will get their vaccination.

A good example of this is in the Romney Marsh where they have chosen Lydd airport – which for so many is hard to access without a car and it has been a really worrying time for its residents.

We have now finally got three vaccination sites in the district, but still there are so many still awaiting to be contacted, many of whom have been told to shield, – being the more vulnerable and disabled.

People’s mental health have already been so badly affected over these past 10 months, but now even more stress and worry is being put on them, just telling them: “Be patient: Wait, and we will get to you.”

The CCG, Public Health England and everyone down to the local MP should have made sure all these plans were in place, accessible to everyone without having this worry of locations, and they should be fully made aware, and understand the stress and mental well-being of so many people have been affected.

Tim McGirr
FHCLP Disability Officer
21st January 2021


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