The Government’s Climate target statement 4 December 2020

At the start of December 2020, the government announced plans to cut 68% of emissions by 2030.
Our view, as members of the local Labour Party, is that we need action today – not in ten years.
We no longer have the luxury of time.
• We need a government which will lead on practical steps: for example, the elimination of
single use plastics – coffee cups, bottles, cutlery and condiment sachets along with ‘travel size’
• We need a government which will promote sustainable travel.
• We need a government which will lead by instructing business to embrace green technology
and to create sustainable green jobs for the future by embracing the Green New Deal.
Echoing comments by the Shadow Business and Energy Secretary, Ed Miliband, we believe that we
can & must go further & faster. We can’t be satisfied with a 2.1 degree rise in global warming, as the government recently suggested. 2.1 degrees would lead to destructive global warming – and the world’s poorest would be hit hardest. This is unacceptable, especially whenm seen alongside the government’s recent cuts to international development.
”I think we simply need to tell the truth. We should be adult enough to handle the truth. And
the truth can be quite frightening in some ways – but it is also hopeful. There is hope. And we
should simply communicate the truth to get the whole picture.”
Greta Thunberg
Interview with Sir David Attenborough, Dagens Nyheter Newspaper 6 December 2020
We look forward to positive action emerging from the Climate Ambition Summit on 12 December 2020 chaired by the UK government. We hope they take the opportunity to lead by action & example not hyperbole & empty promises in encouraging us to change our behaviour today. The UK’s presidency of COP-26 must lead to systemic & behavioural change throughout the UK and indeed the world.

Folkestone and Hythe Labour Party will do everything in our power to bring these issues to the
forefront and to promote understanding of how individual action can make a real difference.
We need a government which will recognise that ordinary people are showing true leadership on this
crucial issue, while they are showing a lack of sufficient urgency or commitment at a local, national and international level.