The Government spending review 25th November 2020

FHCLP comments on the Government spending review… “disappointing”

Folkestone and Hythe Labour Party are deeply disappointed the government has not put in place
measures to improve the lot of local constituents and communities, abandoned in the CoVid crisis.
Many are facing a bleak and uncertain Christmas and will face more challenges in the New Year.
We recognise the pain and suffering which has been inflicted on local people over the last year,
through ill-advised and poorly thought through policies. The actions of the Government have
exacerbated the effects of the pandemic, rather than helping our country to heal and come together.
This Government has damaged the economy, adding to unemployment; education has suffered, the
health and well-being of ordinary people is forgotten.
Councillor David Horton, Labour Leader on Folkestone Town Council commented.
“The Government cannot expect the public sector to suffer yet more pay cuts when so many
are living in poverty on low wages. Having wasted £18bn on PPE it is now coming to light that
these prices were over inflated, this after wasting £10bn on failed track and trace systems.
Instead of punishing the nation’s poorest with even more austerity, now is the time for the
government to roll out Universal Basic Income, a cash boost to all that will kick start the
economy and keep many out of poverty.
Ending Corporate subsidies and tax breaks would net £93bn per year, enough to fund modest
UBI; by introducing Carbon taxes, financial transaction taxes and land taxes the government
could pay for an even better UBI system.”
Many will be left claiming universal credit as the continuing loss of jobs affects hundreds of local
lives. Public sector workers in this area will feel betrayed by having their pay frozen and those in the
health sector who will have their pay increased slightly next year will be lucky if this pays for a cup of
coffee once tax and national insurance is taken out.
Folkestone and Hythe Labour Party invites Damian Collins, the Conservative MP for the constituency
to show empathy with his constituents by turning down his anticipated £3,300 pay rise in support of
those hard working key workers who face a freeze on their own levels of pay.
FHCLP would like to express our admiration, support and solidarity with the hard-working staff in all
public services; you have shown what true public service is all about and fully deserve a pay rise.
For local people, we know that this continues to be a very difficult time and many of you will be
anxious about the situation going forward: we will do what we can to support you.
Your Labour councillors will continue to lobby the Conservative led administration to ensure as much
financial support is drawn down into the constituency so that it is not further harmed in the spring by
the lack of a trade deal with Brussels and the hardship that this will entail.
Folkestone & Hythe Labour Party will also call on our District and Town Councils to do everything
possible to reduce the impact of this devastating incompetence, misery and miserly behaviour.