Save Our Buses – Have Your Say

Kent Live launched the Save our Buses campaign last November, after the county council announced it wanted to save £4 million by ending it subsidy of services on 78 routes.


Around 97 per cent of journeys in Kent are run by private operators, such as Arriva and Stagecoach, with over 50 operators covering 600 services or routes.


These cuts would bring a new burden on the parents, the sons and daughters and the neighbours who are forced to step in to bridge the gap. Some may have to give up work.
Worse still – for the elderly unlucky enough not to have someone to help – isolation.


For Instance the number 10 has been affected in Hythe. There is only one bus an hour during the day. For people travelling to work by this bus there is now one at 7.59 the next is at 9.36. The route has been diverted to Cheriton and does not travel through Sandgate.


Laura Sullivan, Hythe Town Councillor, has asked that people please come to the meeting at:
St Mary’s Bay Village Hall
Romney Marsh
on July 12th
and fight to keep our local bus services.


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