National Insurance and Income Tax reductions for key workers: Correspondence with Damian Collins MP

In April 2020, Chrissie Cooper (Secretary, Folkestone and Hythe CLP) wrote to Damian Collins MP asking him to support the petition she had signed asking the government to give a 100% reduction in National Insurance and Income Tax for all key workers during the initial Covid-19 response.She received the following reply, which she felt showed a failure to support the key workers who he has otherwise applauded during this ongoing crisis:
Dear Ms Cooper,
Thank you for writing to me with your suggestion for increased Government support for key workers.
I think we are all in great admiration for the tireless work that the staff of the blue light services are putting in at this time of national emergency. Many are putting their own health and needs second in this effort to save the lives of their fellow citizens.
I have written the HMRC to share your suggestion for a reduction in Income Tax and National Insurance contributions for key workers. I will write back to you once I receive a response from them.
Best wishes,
Damian Collins
With a further response:
Dear Ms Cooper,
I hope you are well. I have received a response from the Minister in the Treasury regarding giving key workers a tax holiday, please see attached.
As you will see, the Government is looking to target support to those who need it most, so does not think that a blanket tax holiday would be the most beneficial way to help key workers.
Kind regards

Damian Collins