Questions to Folkestone and Hythe District Council regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Following the Prime Minister’s press conference, the Folkestone and Hythe Labour Group call upon the leader of the council, Cllr David Monk, to make an emergency statement in relation to the following questions regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.
1. What protocols are in place to protect those classed as vulnerable to the virus, both in terms of access to care as well as food and medical provisions?
2. What actions will be implemented to council tenants if they are unable to meet rent payments or bills due to enforced isolation?
3. What engagement have you had with Kent county council about closing schools and colleges, particularly those with vulnerable students? If schools close what support and financial help will people get to look after children?
4. What provisions are available to local businesses who will now see a severe drop in income or closure due to the current measures and their workforces and freelances who rely on them?
5. What actions are being taken to ensure that those sleeping rough have access to medical care and can safely isolate from the public, with access to food and medical provisions? In an emergency such as this, people should immediately be classed as vulnerable and housed?
6. What role will the council play in coordinating with community groups to help residents and ensure that local food banks will continue to access important, basic household items for those in the community most in need?
7. What urgent provision for mental health support can be made available to our community at this time?
The Labour Party commends the community for its response to this crisis and all frontline staff working in such difficult circumstances. We back efforts to care for our residents 100% in the absence of meaningful government action, including those already self isolating and those who may have to in the near future.