Public ownership & community control

Public ownership & community control

The following notes follow the National Policy Forum : Roundtable Discussion 15 June 2021

“Increasing community control over public ownership”.
The discussion was part of the Labour Party national policy forum series and this one focused on the potential for increasing public ownership is sectors such as transport, housing and public services.

An Overview of the proceedings and some further thoughts by Jane Darling, Policy Officer is set out below…

Steve Reed MP: Shadow Secretary for Communities and Local Government gave a brief introduction to this discussion topic, before we were divided into groups to go into break-out rooms. He asked the question –

Why would we want to increase public control? 

The answer to this was that governance at every level can be top down and unresponsive to need and is, therefore, disempowering.

Collaboration and co-production are seen as the way forward, inviting people to talk about their views, leading towards the establishment of co-operative councils to equalise power…..

To read the full article by Jane Darling, please click below


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