Open Letter to Damian Collins MP regarding local care homes and Covid-19

Dear Damian Collins MP,
Folkestone and Hythe Constituency Labour Party is very concerned about possible failings around the handling of a Covid-19 outbreak in a care home in the constituency. This is in contrast to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock’s announcement on 19th May advising that a “protective ring” had been thrown around care homes since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.
Sadly for the local care home in question, it has been reported that a 96 year old who was admitted to hospital with suspected Covid-19 was discharged the following day, before their test results were actually known. It has been suggested that the care home was pressured to take him back, in accordance with government guidance. This is unacceptable and highlights possible structural failings in the government guidelines.
A further 18 residents and 5 members of staff including the manager have also tested positive for Covid-19. At this point it is known that some of the infected individuals are in a serious condition and one has very sadly died.
Folkestone and Hythe CLP calls on Damian Collins MP to look into this matter urgently and for him to work constructively with KCC leader Roger Gough and others to investigate the situation. Furthermore, KCC needs to help provide its management, staff and residents with relief from the £600m infection control fund now available for adult social care.
We also call on the Government immediately to provide Covid-19 testing for all care home staff and residents within the Folkestone and Hythe constituency, as a matter of urgency.
We look forward to your response,
Yours sincerely,
Folkestone and Hythe Constituency Labour Party