Labour Works

We are not just about discussion, debate or making a lot of noise about the issues which matter to us.
We work hard for our community, to find solutions, offer a better way forward for every member of our local community.
This section links to information about our work as a local Labour Party: what we are doing to make a difference.
There are three main strands – just click on the headings to find our more:

  1. Your Labour Councillors
  2. Our Labour Party Branches
  3. Our Labour Election Campaigns and Policies

Your Labour Councillors: as a local Labour Party, we have fought and won a number of local District, Town and Parish Council seats in the last 2-3 years. With your support, we can win many more and make a real difference.
Our Labour Party Branches are the hub for membership activity: there are six Branches in Folkestone and Hythe constituency.
More information on our branches can be found by clicking here.