Labour Supporting The Rainbow Centre

Members from the Folkestone and Hythe Labour Party took part in a recent sleep out event to highlight the growing homelessness problem and to raise funds to support the Rainbow Centre. The Labour Party were proud to present Jana Ernest of the Rainbow Centre with a £2000 cheque in order to help it provide help and support for the homeless within the constituency.
Tony Cooper Vice Chair of Folkestone and Hythe Labour Party said: “It was disappointing to discover that the Conservative led Folkestone and Hythe District Council didn’t provide funding to support the winter shelter so it could stay open for a longer period of time. The neighbouring Canterbury Council had applied to the government, and was given the necessary funds, to ensure their homeless residents were sheltered for the coldest six months of the year.”
Labour are also opposed to the introduction of a public space protection order, by Folkestone and Hythe District Council, to make it an offence for people to sleeping rough in Folkestone and parts of Sandgate. The District Council have also proposed a measure to criminalise people sleeping in temporary structures or cars in the whole district. We do not feel that outlawing rough sleeping is an appropriate response to the exponential growth of homelessness, which has occurred under the Conservative government, due to the failed policies of austerity, Universal Credit and the lack of affordable housing.
The Rainbow Centre is hoping to recruit a number of volunteers to to support the winter shelter which it provides for three months of the year. If you would like more information about volunteering click here.


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