IWD #choosetochallenge

IWD #choosetochallenge

FHCLP Womens Group

Are you a woman?
Do you feel you are carrying more of the burden of the pandemic than your male counterpart? You are right!

  • More women than men have lost their jobs during the pandemic.
  • There have been more cases of domestic violence against women during lockdown, but don’t blame lockdown for this, abuse is wrong at any time.
  • Women make up the majority of the workforce in the healthcare sectors, putting women on the frontline and making them more likely to contract the virus.
  • Like many things in healthcare the protective equipment is not designed for women, if you have found it doesn’t really cover your curves, that’s because it was designed to cover a man!

We are the caregivers. To the children, to the elderly relatives to the grandchildren, to the husbands.

Did your maths teacher tell you that you would need your algebra? Not to work out what x was, but to teach your children during a pandemic? No mine didn’t either!

Today is International Women’s Day, the theme is Choose to Challenge, choose to challenge inequality wherever you find it.

We in your local Labour party are actively fighting for the voice of women to be heard. With six female Councillors on the town and district council in Folkestone, it isn’t a pipedream – they are there, fighting our corner


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