Campaigns and Policies

Our work day by day includes looking at how the national and local government policies affect ordinary lives. We regularly set out our position on important issues: health or education, for example.
We are consulted as a CLP by the national Labour Party on issues which will lead towards shaping the manifesto for the next General Election.

In 2021, we are developing new ways of engaging with members in exploring these issues with a series of policy statements and working documents.
Our local policy statements are designed to align with national Labour Party policy in a way which shows the local impact on people in our constituency – and they show voters what we stand for when it comes to local or national elections.

You can read these statements and are welcome to contribute to FHCLP’s thinking and our response to the national Labour Party policy position.
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This lists many of the articles and statements made over the last 2-3 years by Folkestone and Hythe Constituency Labour Party.  If you have ideas, suggestions, questions or comments, please do get in touch!
Your local Labour Party offers a different approach with practical solutions for the big issues affecting Folkestone, Hythe and Romney Marsh.
Folkestone, Hythe and Romney Marsh is a place of diversity, community, opportunity and character.
Too often, these characteristics are under-valued and wasted, leaving people disillusioned or unable to identify with Folkestone and Hythe as their home or place of work.
The data on life-expectancy, learning achievements and economic participation for our community are frankly quite shocking. The figures clearly indicate the failings of national policies of under-investment and austerity. However, they also show a lack of imagination and determination to make a change wherever possible at local level.
Labour will take a different approach – and Labour will make a difference.

“They’re all the same! Nobody listens and nobody does anything.” (Local resident)

Well, we really do want to be different and we want to work with you – members of our local community – to build a better future for Folkestone, Hythe and Romney Marsh. The ideas we put together in Manifesto 2019 – still relevant as we go into New Year 2021 – came from our conversations and discussions over more than two years with local people.
We are local residents ourselves, so we really do understand the frustration that builds up when simple arrangements for bin collections, parking, street lighting seem to be beyond the ability of local government to manage well.
We will do better, because we will not only listen to complaints – we will listen to common sense ideas for doing the job better.

Your Labour Councillors: Listening to the local community

  • We will develop community consultation as a regular feature of our planning, through residents’ groups and neighbourhood associations
  • We will create a Folkestone & Hythe Forum, to explore emerging ideas for building a stronger local community.
  • We will consult on a longer-term plan for Folkestone and Hythe that helps to shape the community we want to build together: 2020 Vision