Hawkinge branch GP surgery looks set to close

The Hawkinge branch of Lyminge GP surgery has said it is ‘likely’ to close.
The surgery is asking patients to complete a survey as part of a consultation into the closure. Forms have to be returned by 9th February.
Laura Davison, our parliamentary candidate at the 2017 General Election said:

“Labour is continuing to highlight changes to our GP services across the constituency. It is really important that patients have the time, information and support to have a meaningful say in changes to local provision. I am really concerned that every time we see a loss of local access it is the most vulnerable people in our communities who suffer.”

We are holding an open meeting about the proposed closure on Sunday 4th February at 6pm at Hawkinge community centre.
This Saturday there is a national demonstration in London in support of the NHS. Labour members will be in Folkestone town centre at 9.30am for an NHS protest before travelling to join the national march. Join us!


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