Happy Birthday NHS!

Among those taking part in this week’s Parkrun along the Leas in Folkestone were about twenty members and supporters of the Labour party helping to commemorate the 70th birthday of the NHS.
Labour party chair Chris Deane said: “It’s a credit to the volunteers who freely give their time week-in, week-out to put on the Parkrun, helping to boost the health and wellbeing of hundreds who regularly take part in Folkestone. And it is particularly appropriate that Parkrun around the UK has chosen to mark 70 years since the Labour Government introduced the NHS and so transformed the care of the country’s health.”
“We know that the NHS has a special place in the hearts of the people in this country and they will celebrate it and fight to protect it. Our party will be working hard to do that at all times, locally and nationally, and on occasions like this we can have fun doing so as well.”

The image below was designed for us by Scarlett Rickard, a local illustrator for our Christmas Issues campaign series




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