Folkestone and Hythe CLP celebrate Pride

Happy Pride Month!

Reasons to be Proud:  Protests

“… the only liberation struggle worth fighting, is a struggle inspired by love.  Love is the beginning, middle and end of liberation.  Without love, there can be no liberation worthy of the name.” – Peter Tatchell.

Before Covid-19, we might have celebrated this season by watching or marching in a Pride March or by wearing clothes that let other people know we are members of the LGBTQ+ community.  There are Rainbow flags in shops and on Apps as businesses seek to demonstrate inclusivity and we celebrate our presence in the towns and cities in which we live. For many of us, this is a time of liberation, celebration and fun.
In the UK these pride marches represent fifty years of LGBTQ+ people protesting for the right to be seen and heard. Decades of demanding equality and recognition. Our voices have been raised in protest over a wide range of issues, some specific to where we live and others as a result of global oppression. Some are celebrations like ‘kiss-ins’ and ‘mass hand holding’ others, like direct action and media protests are designed to be impactful and raise awareness.
2020 is the year that Covid-19 cancelled Pride Marches. It is also the year in which same sex marriage legalisation went into effect in Northern Ireland, Croatia enacted laws that allow same sex couples to adopt children, Israel lowered the age at which trans people can be legally recognised in legal documents, Germany banned conversion therapy for minors, the US supreme court extended job protection so that LGBTQ+ people are protected from discrimination at work… the list of reasons to celebrate goes on.
However, this is also the year that the UK government continues to deny trans people the right to have their gender recognised on their birth certificate without a medical diagnosis, despite a public consultation in which about 70% were in favour of people being able to do so.  It is a time that hate crimes against LGBTQ+ people are increasing, and attempts to rebalance these by teaching school children about LGBTQ+ people are met with high profile protests in the name of morality and religion.  There is also possibility of further legislation that will erode trans rights in the UK.
So this Pride Month, pick your cause.  Raise awareness, write letters, find out how you can protest.
We are still in the struggle, let’s use this June to speak out!
Words by Dean Fudge – Teacher

However you wish to celebrate Pride this month, please find some ideas below. Because, although  we may not be together in person the act of coming together whether it be in real life or virtually is an act of resistance.


GLORIA! DIGITAL PRIDE FESTIVALSaturday 27th  and Sunday 28th June 2020 from 10.00 am onwards
London Dance Academy presents a two day extravaganza of music, dance, burlesque and cabaret. Sat, 27th Jun 2020 – Sun, 28th Jun 2020 10:-22:30 , over 18’s only. Tickets are from £9.75 per person. Please use the link below for further details:
GLOBAL PRIDE– Free event – Saturday 27th June 2020 from 10.00 am onwards
As with many events this year,  Global Pride is virtual. The theme is Exist , Persist, Resist. Global Pride promises to be a 24 stream of activism, entertainment, speeches and performances. You can catch Global Pride tomorrow from 10am on Facebook, please use the link below:
PRIDE IN EDUCATION CONFERENCE – Free event  – Saturday 27th June 2020 from 10.30am – 18.30 BST
If you have a more educational leaning or simply want to know how you as an ally can support younger members of the LGBTQ+ community then this inaugural Pride in Education conference is just your ticket.  With a number of distinguished guests including Sue Sanders – the founder of LGBT history month, Bonnie Greer, Sir Derek Jacob CBE, Faye Patton and Trudy Howson – LGBT Poet Laureate. Choose from a plethora of webinars including Telling our Stories LGBT+ Published Resources, LGBT+ Refugees & People Seeking Asylum in the UK, Inclusive Secondary Education etc.  Click on the link below to join the Zoom conference on Saturday 27th June 2020 from 10.30am – 18.30 BST
UK Black Pride is “a grassroots movement that advocates, fights for, supports and celebrates LGBTQ people of colour”.  The intersectional nature of being a LGBTQI POC results in many distinct and multi-layers of oppression and trauma. It is important that opportunities are provided to not only create a safe space but a platform to promote the needs of that community. Please consider donating to further the aims of this impactful organisation.
Mental Health and Other Support:
For confidential support and advice, we recommend the LGBT+ Switchboard. Details available below:
The Equalities Team
Cllr Abena Akuffo-Kelly
Neil Dillon
Matt Stanley