Transport is a major issue locally, providing both the lifeblood of our communities but also creating some of the major problems for many living in our area.
Public transport has suffered under the Tory Government. We have seen a combination of rising fares and worsening services across the bus and rail network.
Rail fares have increased by 30% since 2010, almost three times faster than wages. A Labour government would put an end to above inflation rail fare rises and ensure that railways are run in the interests of passengers.
The same picture can be seen in bus services with fares increases and services getting worse. Cuts to the provision of buses is damaging the ability for local people to stay connected. A Labour government will protect free bus passes for pensioners, improving disabled access to services and introduce a new free bus pass for under 25s.
A new approach is long overdue, which balances environmental issues with affordable and well-used services to promote the local economy and to support social cohesion.

  • Encourage the expansion of electric car charging points across the district and we will lead on environmentally sustainable transport with council usage of low emission vehicles.
  • Develop a longer-term transport strategy to offer alternatives for personal travel, including a new Coastal Cycles scheme and support a brand-new network of cycle routes.
  • Campaign to bring rail services back under public ownership and fight excessive rail fare increases. We will work with transport operators and community groups to bring back good, connected bus services across the district.
  • Trial free parking in our car parks on evenings and weekends and campaign to end charges for parking on NHS property.
  • Explore all ways to make our roads safer. We will consult on 20mph speed restrictions in all areas with significant numbers of pedestrians, in particular schools.