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thinking out loud….

A series of political and policy essays will appear on the website from time to time – in the spirit of democratic discussion and debate.
We will also be arranging a series of events at Branch and All Member meetings which provide opportunities to think out loud, to share views and to shape our position as a democratic Labour Party.

If you have any suggestions or ideas you might like to contact our Policy Officer, Jane Darling or our Political Education Officer, Michelle Keutenius, who helps to coordinate this programme. Just click on the link above….

Please be aware that the documents here are working drafts
in many cases – and do not necessarily represent official policy of Folkestone and Hythe Constituency Labour Party.

We welcome reactions, debate, contributions and constructive suggestions for further development. You can contact our Policy officer by clicking here
Comments can be made directly to the website under a relevant post;
we will also add a number of views received as and when possible as a fresh post….

NEC Policy commission papers and FHCLP working documents

In each case, there are two documents: the first to read sets out a series of NEC Principles for each theme; the second provides a first stage set of responses from a consultation focus group exercise.
FHCLP is contributing to additional feedback, in order to help develop Labour Party policy as the basis for a future manifesto set of commitments.

Policy principle documents
Policy consultation summaries
Timetable for policy consultation

Below is the NPF Policy Commission Workplans 2021 Timetable for submissions: with all submission to be submitted by 1st of the month in which the topic is to be discussed.

March 2021

  • Early Years, Education and Skills – The attainment gap
  • Health and Social Care – Tackling Health Inequalities
  • Housing, Local Govt & Transport- Green Transport
  • Work, Pensions& Equality – Disproportionate Impact of Covid19

April 2021

  • Economy, Business and Trade – Insecure work and the corona virus Pandemic
  • Health & Social Care – Supporting wellbeing and tackling mental ill health
  • International – Defending working class interests and the global trade union movement
  • Equalities discussions – Feminist Foreign Policy
  • Work, Pensions & Equality– Pensions

May 2021

  • Early Years, Education and Skills – Child poverty
  • Economy, Business & Transport = Rebalancing Britain
  • Health & Social Care = Securing a sustainable future for Social Care
  • International – International Law
  • Equalities discussions – LGBT labour

June 2021

  • Economy, Business and Trade – Industrial strategy, innovation and green industrial strategy
  • Health & Social Care – Recruiting, retaining and supporting the workforce
  • Housing, Local Govt & Trade – cost of the private rented sector
  • International – veterans and the armed forces covenant
  • Equalities discussions – faith groups

July 2021

  • Early Years, Education & Skills – diversity in the school curriculum
  • Economy, Business & Trade  – Rebuilding business and corporate trade.