We want to live in a clean, green environment and to make our contribution towards safeguarding the planet for future generations.
The environment is the air we breathe and the places we live. The quality of our environment affects the quality of our lives. The next Labour government will be the greenest government ever. Labour will act to prevent dangerous climate change, improve air quality, and protect natural habitats.
We need to do what we can locally to play our role in protecting our environment. We can, and we will, act to increase the amount of energy that comes from renewable sources; improve the energy efficiency of our homes; encourage public transport; and support the increase in low emission vehicles. 

  • Seek to achieve plastic-free community status. We need to protect our environment and our oceans by eliminating the use of single-use plastics from across the district.
  • Aim to become carbon-neutral, investing in a partnership to provide cheaper, greener energy. We will encourage renewable energy generation and electric vehicles.
  • Improve the provision of children’s play parks and make them accessible for children with disabilities. We will set up publicly-owned maintenance teams for parks and green spaces, including litter picking and beach cleaning.
  • Prevent the cutting down of healthy trees in our urban streets and plant new trees, including fruit trees. We will develop community vegetable gardens in shared spaces and protect existing allotments.
  • Reject the selling-off of public land and work to improve green spaces, encourage wildlife and diversity by caring for our hedgerows and verges.