Labour recognises the risks and impact of CoVid19 and the changes brought about by Brexit – and we will do everything possible to support our local economy.
We do not want to see money flow out of the district into the pockets of big companies. We want to support local people.
We will assist business networking, by producing a directory of local independently-run businesses and arranging regular workshops to exchange ideas for developing other mutual support systems.
A good employer will pay a living wage – and this must apply to public service just as much as the private sector.
Labour will seek to diversify, balance and broaden the mix of enterprise, so there is a more inclusive approach to involving local people as stakeholders and employees.
We will encourage the development of the co-operative model, promoting community involvement and accountability in a way that other models do not. Within our public services, suppliers can also be developed using the co-operative model. 

  • Redirect our council spending into local businesses and encourage other organisations to do the same.
  • Pay the living wage to council employees and encourage suppliers and other local organisations to do the same.
  • Support our high streets by improving local transport, campaigning to end the current outdated business rates system and working to improve access to banking and post offices, with greater cash point availability being a priority.
  • Support the growth of local enterprise, particularly the development of co-operatives and credit unions.
  • Identify and work to remove barriers to employment for disadvantaged or minority groups within our community. Encourage the development of more varied apprenticeship schemes to extend learning, involving companies which demonstrate good employment practice.