Promises, promises…..

“They’re all the same! Nobody listens and nobody does anything.”
(Local resident)

Your local Labour Party offers practical solutions for the issues affecting Folkestone, Hythe and Romney Marsh.

Folkestone, Hythe and Romney Marsh is an area of diversity and character. But too often, energy and talent is under-valued. So we believe it can help to shape the future of Folkestone and Hythe District.

Data on lower life-expectancy, poor levels of learning and economic activity in our community is shocking. This shows the failings of under-investment and austerity. Also, it shows the failure of the old establishment to change lives at local level.

Your Labour Councillors: we listen to our local community

  • Labour Councillors connect with our community.
  • Because we hold surgeries, meet residents’ and neighbourhood groups
  • Because we’re local residents ourselves.
  • We’re also bothered if bins, parking, street lights are badly managed.
  • It helps to use complaints and common sense to make things work better.

Labour will take a different approach – Labour will make a difference.

Labour Works for you all year round.

We know how government policies affect ordinary lives with health or education, for example. So we share views with the national Labour Party on these issues. Doing this means we are shaping Labour Party priorities for the next General Election.

Our members help us to explore these issues in a series of policy statements and working documents. This shows the impact on our local area – so voters know what we stand for when it comes to elections.

You can read these statements and contribute to FHCLP’s thinking and response to the national Labour Party position.
Just click here -this takes you to our Policy Page, which includes consultation, think-pieces and essays on key issues