Economy and Planning

Economy and Planning

Don’t be put off by the title!

This section has ideas for getting involved in activity or groupings which are all about making a difference to the local community.

The economy can mean very basic and important work on family income, support for getting by on Universal Credit.

Planning can mean becoming part of a local residents group or support network – simple as that.


AFRA is a collective platform – a discussion group – for some of the residents’ groups around Folkestone.
The group’s discussions look at planning issues, new building developments, the quality of life and all sorts of subjects.

Many local neighbourhoods have residents’ groups which are ordinary people making a difference by working together. Find out more – maybe you could help set up a new group where you live!


We are hoping to collate a useful directory of food collectives, ranging from food hubs, family support centres, lunches for the homeless and much more besides.

A really useful resource for developing this area of work is Oleo – click here for their website

Also a very helpful reference page is this one, from the BBC….
It includes information on Food Banks, Community Fridges, Food Sharing apps and Community Meals
Our local CLP team includes people with a lot of experience with local community projects, such as Action on Homelessness