Economic Reality

One of the major issues at all times is the way in which the economy works for the people of this country and our local community.
We are all very well aware of the growing disparity between the wealthy and privileged and those on the margins of society – impoverished, struggling against the odds with a lack of security and certainty day to day.

The CoVid19 pandemic and the government’s mishandling of the situation has greatly amplified that gap and we are witnessing the beginning of scenes which are something like the Great Depression.

Evictions, profiteering, stress and ill-health increasing, personal aggression and violence.

The FHCLP Central Branch has put together a series of Sunday workshop sessoins to discuss this and other important topics. They are open to all to attend and to contribute to. If you’d like details, click here

The first one in December 2020 looked at a nuymber of aspects of the growing economic crisis and identified issues we can try to address through local action – and the Labour Party pressing for policy change.

The information slide set used at this meeting is available here to download or browse
– we welcome comments if you are interested in this area of our work.


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