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  1. Hello,

    I am a Labour party member who has recently moved to Folkestone from London. I would like to help where possible with future canvassing and campaigns, as I previously did in London. Hopefully you can me to a mailing list or put me in touch with the relevant people?

    Many thanks

  2. A big thank you to those who have posted, info,ideas & opinions on various topics such as the environment, climate change and transport. I will be including these in my submissions on Policy areas to the National Policy forum over the next week.
    I have a deadline to meet ( 28th February) on feed back on the Principles contained in the 8 Interim Reports, which you can find here on our policy page.
    Then we have further opportunities to feed ideas into the discussions on policy topics.
    You can see the timetable on the policy page. Each month until July, a number of topic are up for discussion.
    So please keep your ideas coming (by 25th of each month, please) so that we can “Have Our Say”
    Jane Darling , Policy Officer
    Thanks again

  3. So so unimpressed by FHDC’s decision to suspend garden waste collections. I have two houses with very large gardens to take care of, my three waste bins are already full! Could someone from FHCLP get in touch with me on the email address provided to talk about what Labour plan to do to address this please? Thank you!

  4. The media are telling us about “the migrant crisis” daily and the establishment debate about how to stop the traffickers, get the French to co-operate, and overcome the tiresome challenges to the brilliant Rwanda policy – well actually somebody from Care for Calais or KRAN is invited to point out that giving refugees SAFE PASSAGE so that they can claim asylum here …. (but ignore that) – it’s only about traffickers, the French and Rwanda. Then the Labour rep comes on. The answer is to work with the French … with what purpose? Why are our national leadership apparently avoiding the obvious suggestion to let people come and seek asylum here?

  5. I have recently come back from living in Spain for twelve years. I am absolutely shocked at conditions over here, particularly in the
    medical area. Also in garbage disposal.There is so much I would like to tell far to much to write here. We are so far behind in many areas.

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