Consultation period open for gravel extraction in Lydd

Kent County Council is currently consulting on plans to expand gravel extraction in the Lydd area.

It is clear the roads would not cope with the increased weight of vehicles, and the dust, fumes and pollution may well affect people’s health, especially those with lung conditions and COPD.
A number of residents of the roads which are currently being used by the lorries going to and from quarries have complained that their buildings are shaking when the they go past. There is a risk to the foundations of these and other buildings by the increased traffic if the proposed extension of works is approved by Kent County Council and the Secretary of State.
The period of consultation ends on 29th March and it is important that residents write to KCC before that date raising their objections. You can use this tool to help you write to your councillors.
Alison Noyes, candidate in the Lydd Town Council Election this Thursday (29th), said, “We are against all gravel extraction in the Lydd Quarry and Allens Bank Extraction, and believe that no further work should be done by any contractors without the full consultation of the people in the area first. We fully support residents’ objections.”


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