Community Action Pack

Community Action Pack

How you can get involved in campaigns, issues and community….

This page has been set up to share suggestions and ideas for those of you who want to make a real difference and have some time, skills and energy to contribute.

The content is under regular review and we welcome suggestions and ideas – we’ll update as often as possible.

Using this page is designed to be fairly simple:

  1. Below is a set of four core themes and related issues which the local Labour Party is often involved in addressing.
  2. These are used here as key headings to provide information for you activists out there!
  3. From this page, if you click on one of the four main headings, below…
  4. …the link will take you to a section containing ideas for getting involved: info on campaigns, groups and contacts….

In each case, we have someone in the CLP who has personal knowledge of the organisation or campaign listed – so if you get in touch, we can usually find someone to talk to you about their experience.

Use the usual email link – click here if you want more information!
We hope you find it useful!