Chris Deane

Chris Deane

The following text has been adapted from the message prepared with and for Chris Deane, as our candidate for the Elham Valley KCC local elections and for the Hythe East seat on the Hythe Town Council. This was before his untimely death on Tuesday 13th April 2021. (The elections for these seats have now been postponed).

It seems right that we should seek to pay tribute to Chris, using his own words set alongside some of the many messages from those who share our sense of loss. We will be providing further information in due course on our plans to pay tribute to Chris and how you can contribute in a fitting and respectful way. As husband and wife team, Nicky and Chris Deane were and remain at the heart of our local Labour Party.
We share our condolences with Nicky and the family; we will respect and honour his memory going forward.

What Chris stood for as a candidate and member of the Labour Party

Chris Deane was a longstanding member of the Labour Party and served as Secretary and Chair for FHCLP.

He was an experienced election agent, with two highly successful General Election campaigns under his belt – our local candidate Laura Davison significantly reduced the majority of the local Tory MP in 2017 and held ground in the 2019 election.

As a former teacher and headteacher, Chris felt strongly about the importance of public services, with both education and the health service being among the issues he had a strong interest in.

Chris was standing for election on a platform of demanding more for local people from our County Council, meaning better social care, more investment in roads, transport and local infrastructure.

He fully supported the case for a sustainable approach to ‘Building Back Different’ as our communities began the process of moving towards an end to the full lockdown and believed firmly that we should be looking for a new approach that is more inclusive and leaves no-one behind.

We will be adding a series of tributes to Chris in this dedicated section of our website over the next few weeks.
Simply post a comment; we will do our best to add these as quickly as possible to be shared.

Alternatively, you can email us via this link: Chris Deane
We hope to bring these together in a book of memories and gratitude – for the outstanding service and dedication which Chris gave to our cause. We have dedicated this election campaign to his memory.