Central & Broadmead Branch

Central & Broadmead Branch

This page provides some key information about FHCLP Central & Broadmead Ward
To find out more, please get in touch. We warmly welcome new members and hold a number of regular events which are good opportunities for you to meet other members and to contribute to our work in the constituency.

Who’s who

Our Labour Councillors pride themselves on working hard once elected – listening to their constituents and helping them with issues such as housing, benefits or local community issues. All of them are active in working to improve the environment

We gained several key local Council seats at the 2019 elections and we have already made a real difference.

Labour will always represent local people in a way which is practical. The issues and the challenges we are all facing after years of Conservative government at national and local level show clearly that it is time for a change, so do please join us in working for our Ward and our Town to achieve that change…..

Council and WardWard Councillors
District Council CENTRAL WARDCllr Laura Davison (LAB)
District Council CENTRAL WARDCllr Danny Brooks (CON)
District Council CENTRAL WARDCllr David Monk (CON)
District Council BROADMEAD WARDCllr Ann Berry (CON)
Town Council CENTRAL WARDCllr Abena Akuffo-Kelly (LAB)
Town Council CENTRAL WARDCllr David Horton (LAB)
Town Council CENTRAL WARDCllr Belinda Walker (LAB)
Town Council CENTRAL WARDCllr Danny Brooks (CON)
Town Council BROADMEAD WARDCllr Richard Wallace (CON)
Councillor Surgeries are held on a regular basis every fortnight to support constituents, usually on a Saturday
You can always message us via comms@fhlabour.org

The CLP is built around our membership, with an Executive committee who help to manage our work. Central Branch members who are currently serving as elected members of the CLP Executive group include:

  • Jon O’Connor (CLP Executive Chair)
  • Laura Davison (CLP Trade Union Liaison Officer)
  • Abena Akuffo-Kelly (CLP Equalities Officer and Town Council Group Lead)

Regular events & activity in Central Ward

  • Litter picks & sprucing work to improve our local community environment: dates notified via Facebook
  • Saturday Stalls: monthly presence in central locations to meet with our local community
  • Picture Post: we invite members to help us with monitoring local issues by submitting photos
  • Listening Walk: a monthly activity of visiting local residents around the Ward, to keep in touch with local issues
  • Social events are organised, as well as themed meetings – which are often opened to welcome all CLP members